We are not IT specialists; you are.
We are recruitment specialists.

If you are looking to build a successful IT team, or looking to secure your dream role, combining our expertise is an obvious choice.

ENTERit Recruitment has been set up to challenge the IT Agency status quo; we realise that recruiters most often have certain presumptions about how to run the hiring process.

Let’s put you back in the driver’s seat.
Michal Herra
Michal Herra


Let's put you back in the driver's seat

Our experience

We spent some time in an agency environment and understand the drawbacks and positives of the common contingency set up. Having worked with a variety of people, we realise that recruiters have certain presumptions about how to run the hiring process.

Excellent service
We specialise in understanding your needs. Yes, we like to listen. Bear that in mind; because once we understand what it is that you need, we partner up with you to find a solution that works – you are the decision maker.
Working for you
Whether you are a candidate or a hiring manager, ENTER IT Recruitment is here to maximise your chances of fulfilling the potential. We are here to show you the door – walking through it is the easy part. You just got to ENTER.

Looking to hire

Looking to be hired

Well, you don’t have to be. Grass is not always greener on the other side. On the other hand, it might just be. Just take a sneak peak and decide for yourself.

ENTER will be happy to tell you all about your career options, give you the latest news from local Tech driven businesses and give you a complete picture of what’s out there for you.

Regardless of whether you wish for a shorter commute, more responsibility, flexibility in work/life balance, better salary or you just have to get away from Steve from the Application Support team, we are here for you.

Once you decide to ENTER, we promise to make it easy – quick feedback, best interview preparation and real proven advice on how to secure that dream job.

We can help you regardless of whether you are a Junior Developer, Senior Architect, Dev Ops Specialist, Data Mastermind or an UI artist. We might just know about your next dream role.

We are business savvy so like to stay in touch – maybe this isn’t the right time to make the move. Maybe the next project will be a massive career breakthrough. Please, do tell us. By that time, we are hoping to have equipped you with all the tools to make the right call.

Contact us

Contact details
E-mail: mherra@enterit.co.uk Phone: 07411 265 416